Sullivan East and Bristol’s Finest Yard Sale(?)

Saturday (May 3rd 2014)

Went to the sale that was listed on Craigslist as “Bristol’s Finest” yard sale.  It was ok.  The prices ranged from ridiculously cheap (Free), to astoundingly high.

The next stop was at a trailer near Emmanuel Baptist Church on Weaver Pike.  This one was actually pretty good.  A wide selection of stuff and good prices.  I bought some steel wool and a small plate made in Holland.


Next stop, the annual Sullivan East High School yard sale.  I have been to this one several times in the past years and this year it was smaller than normal.  I usually go to get some plants from the East horticultural department because their plants are good and cheap.


Bonnie is always a regular seller at this yard sale

Bonnie is always a regular seller at this yard sale










Next stop, Elizabethton for the Carter County Armature Radio swap meet.  My brother Darrell is a ham radio operator and wanted to stop by there for a few minutes.  It was a typical ham radio meet/get together with folks “tailgating” and trading.  Darrell bought a few cable connectors.


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