The World’s Longest Yard Sale

Well we finally went to the World’s longest Yard Sale.  We being ME and my other brother Darrell.  We went last August 2012.  What can I say, it was a long and tiring trip, from daylight until after dark.  As the saying goes, “if you can’t find what you want there, it does not exist”.  They had everything.

 The good:

Selection, selection, selection.   

 Day one: we left Bristol on Thursday morning about 5:30 AM, I think.  We were driving my old CRV which is a great pickin machine, lots of room, four wheel drive, if there is another dent put in the side no problem.  It has over 200,000 miles on it and bad tires, more about the tires later.  It took us about three hours to get to Crossville, TN.  First stop gas, food, and the restroom.  Next stop, our first encounter with “The Dealers” aka “junk and treasures”.  The very first stop was a prelude of what was to come the entire trip, wonderful expensive antiques right beside made-in-China junk.  It was like your local flea market on steroids.  We stayed there for about 30 minutes and then moved on.

 More to come