On the way home from work I stopped by the Cooks Point Community Garage Sale in Kingsport. There were about 5-6 houses having sales. I did not get there until about 1:00 PM so it appeared that most of the good stuff was gone. The people I talked to said that there were a LOT of people there earlier in the day even in the rain. The sale did not start until 8:00 AM and one lady said that there were people that at 7:00. I told her that I was not surprised. I looked around some but did not buy anything. One guy had quiet a few cameras and accessories.


After going to the Cook’s point community yard sale I stopped by the WHEELER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH YARD SALE. I go to this one about every year, but I was late this year so missed most of the good stuff. They said that people were lined up when they first opened. They had the usual church stuff, clothes, whatnots, dishes, some sports stuff, etc. Every year I buy some of the roasted peanuts that they sale. In the past I have found some pretty good things, but as I said I was late this year.