After going to an auction in Shady Valley we decided to go to Creekers Barbeque in Elizabethton for lunch.  It was wet, cold, and misty weather but still a nice drive.  I have been to Creekers a few times before and always thought it was pretty good.  They have an extensive menu so you can always find something good.  The last time that we ate there they put a little too much sauce on the sandwich so this time I told them light on the sauce.  The sandwich came out with no sauce on it which was really good because then I could put every how much I wanted on it.  Creekers has a lot of different items on the menu and not just BBQ sandwiches.



One of the things that is really nice the menu is that you can get a “meat sample” for $1.99.  That is what we did, I wanted to try the brisket but did not want to eat the entire platter so I got the sandwich and brisket sample.

IMG_20150314_123524  The other good thing about Creekers is that they have homemade desserts.  You should check to make sure that they have enough when you get your food because they may run out if you go back after you have eaten.


They also support local sports and UT, except for some UT (former) people.




Creekers Facebook page Here