I went to the Maple Syrup Festival at Whitetop VA on March 28th and had a pretty good time.  The first stop was at the volunteer fire department to get information and find out where and when everything was going on.  The main part of the festival is actually about four mile away at the school house.  The fire department had hot dogs and chicken (? I think).  I know that they had maple syrup for sale that was made at the sugar house in Whitetop, because we bought some.  The next stop was the school house where they had a pancake breakfast and a crafts show.  Considering how many hundreds of pancakes they were making they tasted pretty good.  The sausage was probably the best I have ever eaten, it was not hot and a very good consistency.  We bought a few items at the sale and moved on to the Sugar house where they make the maple syrup.  On the way there we stopped at a church that was having a youth cookie and bake sale.  I forget the name of the church but they had some beautiful stained glass windows.  After a tour of the sugar house we went on a ride to the top of Whitetop mountain which was actually white (photos below).  Next stop…The Harvest Table in Meadowview VA (review later).