I have been to this sale for the past several years and it is always about the same.  I like the sale pretty good because there are normally a lot of ordinary “yard sale” people there, not too many professionals.

The sale starts at 7:00 AM and people start lining up before then of course.  Gray 2014 (4)We, me and my other brother Darrell, got there about 6:15 AM and got in line with the other cars.  We were about the tenth car in line.  There was only one entrance for people going to the sale.  One entrance and three lines of cars trying to get into one line to pay to get in.  The gates opened at about 6:30 and we all proceeded in a fairly orderly line to the parking area.  You pay as you enter with your car.

There were two buildings that have stuff for sale in them, both were closed until 7:00 AM.




At exactly 7:00 they let us in and the mad rush began.  We normally divide and conquer, I go one way and Darrell goes the other.  We rarely have anything in particular in mind to buy.  Gray 2014 (5)







Gray 2014 (1)

You can read about our buying philosophy HERE.





After the sale we saw a sign right outside the entrance that said “Yard Sale This Way”  It was at the Gray community centerIMG_0096 (Medium)